What to expect

Some people are nervous about attending their first pole fitness class because they have no idea what to expect. For starters, you can expect to have fun; but if you prefer to be better prepared before you leap into something new, here are some more details of what goes on in a standard pole fitness class:

  • Warm up and stretching to ensure that your body is ready for the work ahead.
  • Pole conditioning exercises, which build up upper body and core strength and prepare you for spins and tricks.
  • Spins, tricks, transitional moves and floor work – the core of any good pole fitness class.
  • A chance to combine all of these moves into dance routine, if time allows.
  • Cool down stretches to ease your muscles after the workout.


The other big concern that many women have is what clothes to wear to pole fitness classes. The answer is simple: you should wear anything that allows for comfortable movement and that will allow you to execute your moves confidently and safely.

Comfortable shorts – these should either be short enough to allow you to grip the pole with your thighs or they should fold short enough for you to do so. If you don’t have suitable shorts, you can arrange to borrow a “trial” pair. We also sell special pole fitness shorts if you’re ready to make a long-term commitment.

A vest or sleeveless shirt – You can wear a t-shirt for most of the class if you prefer, but certain moves require you to grip the pole with your upper arms and in these instances sleeves are more a hindrance than a help.

Bare feet – You can wear special dancer’s shoes if you like, but bare feet are ideal for climbing and standing on the poles.

A towel – pole fitness is demanding exercise and you will need to towel yourself down occasionally.

Water – again, pole fitness provides an intense workout, so you need to stay hydrated.


It’s important that before class you wash off any oils or lotions you put on earlier in the day, as these will make you slip off the pole.

We sell Dry Hands, a special grip solution, if slipping and sliding is a persistent problem.

Also note that you should remove any jewellery before a class; for example, rings could damage the poles, or they could be damaged by them, or they could cause damage to you. Necklaces and bracelets can also get in the way during certain moves, so rather be safe than sorry.

If traditional exercise plans bore you to tears and don’t deliver the results you want, why not try pole fitness?

Pole fitness is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness as you get a great workout while having fun. For the first few weeks you can expect to feel the new exercises in muscles you never knew you had, especially in your upper body and core, but it won’t be long before you start to see measurable results.

Pole fitness provides unique strengthening and toning exercises for your entire body, including your upper body (arms, chest, shoulders and back), your core (abs, lower back and hips) and even your legs. Get a total body workout, get fit, get toned and get healthy –
contact UP Pole & Aerial Fitness to find out more about our schedule of pole fitness classes.