Nichola (Nics)
Owner & Instructor
Our resident queen of strength. Her niche is found in specific Physical Preparation (SPP) enabling the execution of demanding tricks and is able to relate this knowledge across all levels of Pole.  Nics has a unique ability to break down tricks and combos into base form and inspires students to reach new “heights”.
Come and join Nics for an inspiring goal-achieving class.


Jasmine (Jaz)
Owner & Instructor
A more passionate pole instructor you will not find! Hard-working, determined, encouraging and inspirational.  She is the daredevil and “jack of all trades” – brilliant in combinations of strength and flexibility. She WILL get you to do that trick, and she will be your biggest fan and cheerleader whilst doing it!
Come and join Jaz for a fantastic work-out and good fun.


Drawing from a background of dance & pilates, Kerry brings extensive anatomical knowledge to her pole and pilates classes.  As an accomplished choreographer, Kerry excels in teaching spinning and flow, while bringing grace, compassion and patience, not only to class but outside the studio too.
Come and join Kerry for an all round uplifting class experience!


The founder of the first (and best!) pole studio in the Cape Peninsula.  Karen is an integral part of the studio and will continue to guest teach as part of the UP team. Her speciality is working with pole fitness beginners, and loves being able to coach and train new pole students in an environment that is fun and non-threatening, whilst staying true to the physical goals of the sport.
Come and join Karen for an exciting new experience.

Marion (Maz)

Marion obtained her 4 year performance and associate teachers diploma at Waterfront Theatre School in Ballet, Tap, and Modern under the watchful eye of Delia Sainsbury and Keith Galloway.  She developed a passion in dance fitness and completed her Zumba Fitness instructors course and has been actively instructing for over 8 years.  She has performed and specialised in stage and choreographic skills in many other styles including Latin, Jazz, Lyrical Contemporary and Hip Hop. 

Come and join Marion for an energetic fun filled Zumba or Dance class. 


With a long held passion for fitness, self-development, awareness, and expression through movement, Marisa has her pilates instructor qualification from the Exercise Teacher Academy of Cape Town, received with distinction. As well as this, an extensive background in Modern, Contemporary, and African Dance styles, with a BA in Dance from the University of Cape Town.

Come and join Marisa for a challenging, encouraging and transformative pilates class.