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Dancing has long been recognised as one of the best and, more importantly, most enjoyable ways to get fit and lose weight. However, not everyone feels that they have the grace for ballet, the rhythm for Latin dancing or the fashion sense for ballroom dancing. Enter pole fitness, a unique way to improve your strength, build your stamina, increase your fitness and kick-start weight loss programmes.

Over the past few years a quiet revolution has been going on: A movement to give pole fitness the recognition it deserves as a performing art, akin to other forms of dance and gymnastics. This movement has been so successful that pole fitness has emerged as a respectable dance style, as well as one of the most effective forms of exercise, with classes popping up at gyms all over the country, not to mention the proliferation of dedicated pole dancing studios.

Join Up Pole & Aerial Fitness

Up Pole & Aerial Fitness offers a range of pole fitness classes for absolute beginners who’ve never taken a dance lesson before to career dancers who want to add another feather to their cap. You don’t need to be blessed with elegance and abs that would make an Olympic gymnast proud to join us. All you need is the will to try something new.

While you’re having fun working in different static and moving positions on fixed and spinning poles, you’ll also be improving your upper body and core strength, your flexibility and your coordination. As a wonderful side-effect, you’ll notice an increase in your self-confidence, which doesn’t just come from washboard abs, but also from the courage of continually challenging yourself – and the triumph of meeting those challenges.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to pole dance, contact Up Pole & Aerial Fitness to find out more about the lessons available in Cape Town’s southern peninsula. If you’re not sure if you’re ready for pole fitness lessons just yet, why not find out about our workshops and demonstrations for special occasions, like birthday parties? Once you’ve tried out some moves in the comfort of your own home, you’re almost guaranteed to sign up for professional pole fitness lessons.

Be warned, whether you take up pole fitness lessons purely for the exercise or as part of a weight loss plan, you’ll find that the fun is addictive.